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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Millie and Billie

Meet Millie and Billie my  pet lambs. They have filled a big hole in my life since the kids moved into their own home. I was suffering from a bit of empty nest syndrome, it was so very quiet. Now, it's definitely not! The lambs are under the misconception that they are either human babies or cats! Millie is growing rapidly, little Billie not so fast.

Billie was very sick when I picked him up out of the paddock, I really didn't think he would make it. Now he totters around on little bowed legs, so cute. He lived the first three days in a cardboard box in our kitchen. When I took him out and put him outside he cried and cried, his security box had gone!

Billie in his box
One of the best parts of farming, animal babies....

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