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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Family and Gratidudes

It is yet another beautiful day, a day in which to count your blessings. As I ride around the farm on my trusty Big Red (Honda motor bike), the sun is shining, it is neither to hot nor too cold and a gentle breeze brushes past me, how could life get any better. I am out looking for weeds as I check the lambing ewes and the heifer who hasn't calved yet.

In my previous job as a nurse, I was stuck inside all day, mostly all night, and didn't get to experience the blue sky and breezes. I took time off from nursing to have a break and see if we could manage without my income. It has been a very positive experience so far. I am needed more than ever at home and have had the kids staying for eight months while they built their house. I would not have managed them here if I had been working. The stress levels have fallen and everyone is much happier. Money is not everything in this world.

I count my blessings for two kids who are so happily married and creating wonderful lives for themselves. Our son, who has now left home again and is now in his own brand new house! And my beautiful daughter who is now expecting her first child. You two are such joys.

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