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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sadness today.

It's been a sad day. Little Billie has been unwell. I thought I had him over the hump which many pet lambs reach, particularly when they haven't had their mum's colostrum. I tried everything I could think of today to reverse the symptoms, but I don't think we will have him in the morning. I will so miss his soft little head which I loved to stroke when he came up for a cuddle. He is such a gentle soul. Millie is strong and boisterous.
Gentle Billie
Just received a phone call to let us know that a friend has passed away, he was only sixty seven. We must all learn to do the important things in life, let our families know how much they are loved. Go for that holiday we have been putting off. Go to town and have that cup of coffee, or a meal, even though we don't need to go for anything else. No one knows what is around the corner.

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  1. woops you named him too early...........they are so finicky aren't they.......
    sad news about your friend too........