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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Habits and UFO'S.

Muff's bright log cabin.

Country log cabin from scraps.

ABC...123  designed by Mitch of Fernlea Bears.

Antique Puss in the Corner.

Baskets and Lilies designed by Liz Willing.

EBay scrap quilt top

EBay Baltimore top

Gracie's Garden Sampler BOM.

Scrap Baby Quilt.
I was able to spend today going through all my unfinished quilt tops and stitcheries. I knew I had a few, but didn't realize just how many I had been putting away...To make matters worse, I even bought more unfinished tops off eBay - they were such bargains!!
I have a short attention span, and am easily distracted by the beautiful enticing patterns which are everywhere these days. I get a lot of craft magazines and they are laden with yellow stick-it notes! If there is a patterns that really takes my eye, I can't help myself, and I start another!!
I have noticed that there seems to be two types of crafters, those that must finish one thing before they start another, and those that are like me, and have a few things on the go..


  1. Hi Rosie, I am like you and always have a few things on the go! You have a lovely blog and I like the snippets of your country life!

  2. You certainly have a few UFO's. I like to have a few things on the go but I must finish one before I start another so the number of UFO's stays pretty constant.

  3. I don't count any more my works on the go !!!
    yours are great !Country log cabin is awesome !!!