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Monday, April 11, 2011

Decadent Quilting..

Vignette magazine by Leanne Beasley
Pre-cut hexagons and Sewline glue pen.

Sweet Broderie fabrics designed by Rosalie Quinlan

Absolutely yummy fabrics.
I have recently joined the Vignette Hexagon blog, where we are making the hexagon quilt designed by Leanne Beasley in her new magazine VIGNETTE. My first quilt I ever made was an english hexagon quilt with materials from old dresses and scraps I had. It wasn't very pretty, and I swore I never would do one again!! But this time I have gone really  decadent and cut into my beautiful Rosalie Quinlan 'Sweet Broderie' fat quarters. It is an absolute delight to make up these pretty hexagon flowers with such gorgeous material.
What also makes this quilt fun is the 'Sewline glue pen', which eliminates the need for hand basting the hexagons before you join them together. I have also cheated with this quilt and purchased pre-cut one inch hexagons.
I needed templastic to make a template to fussy cut the hexagons on some of the material with a particular design. Now because we live in the country, I couldn't justify a special trip to town...So I got an old x-ray and soaked it in bleach and voila! template plastic!!

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