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Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In.

Hexies from the Vignette quilt.

Truffle Turtle

Under the Sea BOM from Willowberry Designs
 What on earth did we ever do before we had computers and the internet? My computer died on me on Friday and it was like I lost my best friend. I have borrowed Muff's computer, but there are no pictures that I had saved on mine, and it's just not quite the same.

Friday Night Sew In was the big winner!! and became Saturday Night Sew In and Sunday Night Sew In....

I got some more hexagons done from my Vignette Hexagon Quilt and lined them all up to see how much I had achieved.. I thought I was doing really well until I read the Vignette magazine and realised that I still had one hundred and thirteen more to go!!! Just take baby steps, and enjoy the journey...

I was also able to put the borders on my Under the Sea block of the month. This is a beautiful little stitchery wall hanging designed by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs. I have really enjoyed the stitchery. The under water creatures are full of character.. After you finish the stitchery, you get to do some coloring in.. I think you are really supposed to do this first, but it worked for me doing it last! I used kids crayons to lightly shade over the stitching and I can't believe the difference it made.Sunday night I hand quilted it so now all I have left to do is the binding and the hanging pocket. Another wall hanging for the babies room!


  1. they look great,well done

  2. Hello Rosie,

    Good luck with the hexies, you will have it finished soon.
    Happy days.

  3. Love your Fussy Cutting on your Hexies they look Great...
    Thanks for visiting my blog...

  4. Love your bright and cheery Hexies!!!

  5. Beautiful hexagon flowers Rosie! And, I love your Under the Sea. At some point, I plan on making this one. So cute!