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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guilt Free StitchingOn Friday.

 I have joined the Friday Night Sew In which is hosted byHeidi at Handmade by Heidi. A win-win situation, tucking up on the couch in comfy clothes, with a warm drink and the fire going, to stitch away...

No new projects to show, just some cold weather 'cheer-me-up' photos of some of my favorite things...
Roses from the garden.

Roses on a quilt.
And it has been cold, windy and wet the last few days here on the farm. There has been snow on the mountains, and it feels like winter has come quickly.... I love cold weather, but haven't been enjoying this. Too cold even to go fossicking for fire wood..

But really nice to be inside by the fire stitching... No guilt stitching, that's what I like!

My friend Chrissie will be pleased, I have cleaned my sewing room. Our house is still topsy turvy after having the kids live with us while they built their house. We haven't moved all our furniture back in it's proper places yet because we want to paint the walls and polish the floors. Therefore, there were quite a few things in my tiny sewing room that shouldn't have been.. I can't concentrate in an untidy room...


  1. Gorgeous roses ... I'm doing the FNSI too for the first time! Sounds like fun.

  2. Hello Rosie,

    Hope you had a great sewing night, I didn't join in this time, family home. Love the roses and the rose quilt is just divine. Enjoy the fire and marshmallows!!!!
    Happy days.