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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sew Darn Crafty.

The days on the farm have been absolutely glorious lately.. We have been very busy getting the paddocks ready for putting the crop in. Now we have not many acres so our crop paddocks are tiny, but it takes us old fossils twice as long to do it!! And, our machinery is as old as us, if not older!!

Therefore not much crafting is going on. So this week I have linked up with Karen on her Sew Darn Crafty Party.

This is a baby quilt I finished last year. It is a design by Libby Richardson and is very enjoyable to complete. I bought it as a kit, thinking that it would make a great pattern to make up for all the girls on the ward (nurses, that is..) who were pregnant, as a lovely gift.... However, it took many many hours to complete all the applique and embroidery, and I haven't got that many extra hours spare, so this one is going to a grand baby, and I will modify the pattern for presents..  It also has a nappy bag to match...


  1. it's a lovely rain here so no cropping happening yet..........

  2. Love your quilt I have the pattern to and must make it one day.

  3. Hello Rosie,

    I can see why you wanted that for your family. A beautiful quilt.
    Happy days.