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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tribute To Roy.

I am constantly amazed at the coincidences that occur in life. Today, Anzac day, my beautiful daughter-in-law visited looking for something which we could not find. However, one of the first things we did find was an old tin full of memories of Dig's Uncle Roy....

Roy was killed in action in the second world war in November 1942 in Egypt. He was twenty seven years old...

Enclosed in the old tin was a beautiful letter sent to Roy's mother from one of his army friends... It brought tears to our eyes and a lump in our throat as we listened to Leona read it out loud..

"Dear Mrs Crozier,
Allow me to express my deepest sympathy with you in the loss of your son Roy. Your loss is shared by us all, especially to myself personally, he was one of the best friends I've ever known. From the time he joined the Regiment at Tobruk we formed our friendship - sharing trials and dangers together. No matter how difficult or dangerous the job Roy never shirked it, it ever a man did his best it was your Son. If at any time I required help in repairing vehicles he was one of the first to volunteer. To me Roy was more like a brother and it will be a long time before the wound will heal. I'll always remember him and pray that one day we shall meet again. Roy had faith in God and I feel sure that he is now in the great home above where everything is peace - perfect peace. The one spark of consolation is that his death was instantaneous.

As soon as possible I'm hoping (God willing ) to forward on a few of his personal belongings, I know they will be treasured by yourself and family as memories of one who died for his country in the fight for freedom.

May God Bless and comfort you, I know Roy would not wish you to grieve over him so please try and picture him in that glorious home above.

Yours in deepest sympathy....."

Letter to Roy's mother, note the sticker on the end of the envelope - OPENED BY CENSOR.



  1. Hi Rosie, what a beautiful letter! I've enjoyed visiting your blog again :)

  2. what a beautiful letter honouring a wonderful man,lest we forget

  3. What a wonderful letter something worth treasuring. Sadly war cuts lives to short.