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Friday, April 22, 2011

Vegie Gardens.

It's been cloudy and cool today, perfect for transplanting seedlings and weeding the vegie garden. I have raised beds in my vegie garden which really need some renovation to the walls and the soil. We made the beds very quickly with corrugated iron and steel posts. However, over time the soil has pushed it's way out the ends of the corrugated iron.
Raised garden bed.

Last spring I quickly put some vegies in under my clothes line, very handy to the house and the soil was fresh. I did miss the raised beds for ease of weeding and no bending..So today, back out to the raised beds to weed and replant..
I was ably assisted by the marvelous Miss Millie

Surprise potatoes

As I weeded I found surprise potatoes and  surprise pumpkins.. None of these have had water over summer, just survived on the rain that fell... Admittedly, we had a very wet summer! I can't wait to get more raised beds in place. This time we are making them out of old rain water tanks, so the soil will be unable to 'squish' out anywhere...

I do have one slight problem in the form of a woolly Miss Millie....She can jump up into the bins!!

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  1. Hi Rosie, popped in for a read.... I have so neglected my vegie garden.... and i love your helper..... I see you are a newish blogger - hope you are finding it lots of fun...