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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day of Waiting.

The expression  'a cat on a hot tin roof' ' springs to mind at the moment... I have had a phone call......Not THE phone call, but a phone call, to say sorry Rosie, can't come out to get some wood today, Muffie is in labour....
It's giving me butterflies in the tummy, I can't concentrate, and I just want to do something for her, but know I can't.... It's also bringing back so many memories as she is echoing the path I took with her....
I haven't elaborated too much on labor pain and everything about the whole birthing process, you don't need to hear too many stories before you have your first child... There will be others out there who have already shared that with her, but she is my baby, and I still feel the need to protect...

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  1. How exciting.... looking forward to the next post on your blog!!

  2. Soon butterflies in the tummy will turn into 'Gramma walking on air'. Grandbabies are the best blessing!

  3. SO EXCITING - looking forward to your next post, Rosie!

  4. Very exciting. Fingers crossed she has an easy time.

  5. so exciting for everyone

  6. It is an exciting time for you all- won't be long now till you hear I'm sure

  7. How exciting!!!
    Hope everything goes well and it doesn't take too long.

  8. sorry that last comment from Glen, is from me! no 3 son left his google account open and the comment posted as his!
    fingers crossed for you.

  9. Exciting times! Even if you had told her she probably wouldn't believe you - nothing like going through it to find out the truth. Very best of luck to your daughter and to the expectant grandparents!