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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Tuesday Treasure.

Today is Tuesday, time to link up with Melody, from The House on the Side of the Hill.

This is my little treasure Lily, whom you met on May 1st. She became weak and got herself stuck in the grating which the shearing shed floor is made up of. Grating is lengths of wood which is approximately an inch in width and is laid down in long lengths down the shed floor with small gaps in between each board. This allows the sheep manure to pass through when the sheep are shedded.

Because the shed is over 100 years old, there is a lot of wear and tear in the boards of the grating, making bigger gaps in some places. Poor little Lily, who was very tiny for a start, couldn't get her little leg back up.

I have been nursing her inside for over a week, standing her up to exercise her legs, giving her a high energy milk formula and keeping her warm by the fire.

But I have had one major problem, I have been running out of old rugs and blankets to put on the floor. Because there is one law of nature - what goes in, must go out!! So I treated her like the baby she is and purchased some disposable nappies... They work fantastically!

So, today, Lily is my Tuesday Treasure... I don't think I am winning the battle, but I do know that I won't forget this beautiful little lamb who has made her mark on this family.


  1. what a cute story ,Lily is adorable and looks so funny in a nappy but what a great idea

  2. Ahah it's the first Time i see a sheep with a nappy !! Good idea ! Pet little Lily for me !

  3. Hi Rosie, You are a really good person and dear little Lily is a delight. Your photos are amongst the sweetest ever. Take care, both of you. Hugs.

  4. She is so adorable. I do hope she picks up and proves to be a wonderfully strong little lamb.

  5. You're a good 'lamb momma' to give her such care. She's precious.

  6. Oh I hope Lily becomes stronger, she is so sweet and so tiny . The pampers were a wonderful idea !

  7. Lily is beautiful and the nappy is such a good idea. You are a wonderful mother!! Wendy

  8. after you have invested so much I hope she makes it through.
    Baby nappies are a great idea!