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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Blue Flower Wednesday.

It's one flower Wednesday today, and mine are blue flowers.... Blue to match the bruises..... we have been marking lambs!!

I love making these hexie flowers, I have many more to match in all different colors... They are the start to Vignette Hexagon Quilt. So very relaxing of a night to sit there and hand sew flowers....

And tonight I will need some relaxing... This was our first mob of lambs to mark and they were so, so naughty!! From the moment I picked them up they kicked and kicked and struggled. Now this behaviour is totally unacceptable ..... I am an old lady now, heavens, in a few days I will be a Nana!! Don't these lambs realize this?

My flowers should actually be red or pink because the bruising hasn't come out yet!! But blue seems to be more dramatic, sympathy attracting!!

Lambs almost as big as Millie in this mob, waiting to be marked. For those who don't know, when lambs are marked, they are picked up out of the mob and put in a cradle (or held in your arms with their bottoms resting on the top rail of the sheep yard like we do). Their little tails have a rubber ring put on, and their little woolly 'balls' also have a rubber ring put on if they are a boy lamb. They get an inoculation of a vaccine which helps prevent a lot of nasty things - tetanus, cheesy gland, pulpy kidney, blackleg, malignant oedema and black disease..They get a brand put on their flank which is only a permanent paint, and a beautiful earring in their right ear..

In the photo above you can see the damage that fly-strike does. The ewe on the right has been shorn where the flies were and treated to kill the maggots. If left unchecked flies will kill quickly..

This is my second oldest pet lamb. She will always come up and stand by the fence when we are working in the yards. Such a beautiful girl.

This beautiful old lady is my oldest pet lamb. I was thrilled to find her still in the mob as I thought she had died a few weeks ago.


  1. pets are funny in the yards...........they stay quiet for ages.........frighten you sometimes when your not expecting them and then you turn around and they are right beside you..........or nibbling on you

  2. Fabulous to see others have pets that remain friendly also. We have lots of girls who still like to come up for a chat - Jessie, Emily, Pinky, Abbie, Skipper ............. to name but a few! Our tailing sounds similar here in NZ, but we go from paddock to paddock and use portable yards - about 200 ewes to a mob, and we don't brand them but earmark instead. SO lovely to see how things are done over the ditch! Your hexie flowers are lovely!

  3. Those hexies look great outdoors.

  4. love your hexies.
    Wow, sounds tough being a lamb there are so many things you can catch and then the tail and furry bits issues lol.
    Hopefully your bruises aren't to severe.

  5. What a day you had and your flowers are beautiful!

  6. Hi Rosie
    Pretty hexis, love the lambs, I'd be bringing them home as well...

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love all of your fussy cuts.
    My girls both raised lambs for the local county fair. I can't imagine how much work and how exhausting it must be to work with so many.

  8. You have made some lovely flowers for your garden,,,,Congratulations on a really great post...I love to read about your life on the farm..I am a first time visitor to you but will now be a follower,,Until we meet again,,Kate xx

  9. those hexies are too cute. Can't wait to get into mine. Love those cute lambs too - those flies are nasty thought! Happy Stitching, Susie

  10. Hello Rosie,

    Very very pretty hexie flowers. Interesting to hear how your pets react to you. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.
    Happy days.

  11. The green fabric is stunning and the flowers are wonderful, and I LOVE lambs :-)

  12. Nice blue hexies. I spin so I appreciate your remarks about your sheep. I can tell you really love your sheep babies.

  13. Your flowers look great: love the blues. Great fabrics, you use. How are your bruses?