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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Special Friends In Fur Coats.

Pets play such an important part in our lives. It is a well known fact that the presence of an animal lowers our blood pressure and stimulates the release of the 'happy hormone' serotonin. That's why Nursing Homes have pets for their residents - as they once would have in their own home.

Dig once had the most beautiful cat, a long haired black fluffy cat called Niggy. He was more dog than cat. Would ride in the ute with Dig, come on the tractor with us, and always knew when we had found a mouse. One day in the last mouse plague, he had a mouse in each paw and one in his mouth, and was trying to get another.. He was Dig's cat only. Born under the seat of the ute, I think he imprinted on Dig's voice. As a great hunter, he was always down at the farm tip after rabbits. One very sad day, Muff and I found him at the garden gate. He had been bitten by a snake and made it home to die. We were devastated, and couldn't tell Dig for days... We didn't ever think that there would ever be another Nig....

But along came Ralph.....

Still a kitten, not quite eight months old, he was born to one of our mother cats and befriended by the kids when they were living with us while their house was built.

He is soft and cuddly, and such a relaxed little poppet. He purrs non-stop and is always ready to give love.
He is so much like Nig, and the best thing is, he loves Dig...

When Dig has a meal Ralph sits on the chair beside him. When Dig has a shower Ralph sits on the hand basin. When Dig sits in the lounge room, Ralph lies on him or the table beside him!! He showers him with rough tongue licks on his bare arms..

He is just a bundle of love in a soft fur coat...

Melody at The House on the Side of the Hill has an inspiring story about her pet dog. Bring a box of tissues!


  1. Oh I love Ralph... gorgeous colours and the photos are just lovely. He looks so happy and contented. Where would we be without are gorgeous cats???

  2. How devastating about Niggy.
    Ralph is gorgeous. Sounds a bit like our Doc, he likes to sit on the bath while we shower, our laps when we are on the toilet, in the sink drinking from the tap when we are trying to brush our teeth...

  3. What a lovely blog post and Ralph looks gorgeous! Cats sure are special and each one unique!!

  4. what a gorgeous cat. Why do most of the cat pics show them all either stretched out asleep or curled up asleep. I think I know what I want to come back as.
    Love how you are looking after your lambs. Hope nameless makes it.

  5. Lovely memories of Niggy and Ralph looks like he fits right in.

  6. Little Ralph is adorable and it is so sad about little Nig. Thank you so much for sharing these adorable little felines.