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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday was May 14th. Not a very important date, unless you are the mother of a daughter who has been told at an ultra sound that this is one of your due dates!! Muff did say when I last spoke to her that the following two scans negated this date. But a Nana can hope, can't she..

So, as I work best under pressure, I thought I had better get a move on and finish the burp cloths and bibs that I had cut out, and begin making the cloth nappies.

The material that I used on the burp cloths and bibs above I have had since Sparkle was a little boy! It pays to be a hoarder  stash builder! I knew it would come in handy one day...

Pictured above are the small and extra small size of the cloth nappies. They have velcro for easy opening and closing, and a pad which attaches inside. I bought the waterproof material at Spotlight, totally unsure as to if it was going to be suitable. I'm still not sure that it is waterproof enough. Will have to research that further I think before I make any more. We have purchased some commercial nappies  from a company called Pea pods. They are made from a fabric which is quite a bit thicker than the one I got from Spotlight. Now if only I had a baby to test these out!!

For any one interested in making these cloth nappies, this is the pattern I used. I bought in on the internet through eBay. It is called  'The Nappies' Lo15, put out by 'Favorite Little Things' pattern designs. It is very easy to follow, and I will be making some more if they are needed.


  1. Oh you have made some lovely goodies for the new baby.... looking forward to hearing about the arrival... I always found the waiting hard.... grandies are the best....

  2. hi Rosie you have made a lot of blue do you know that it is going to be a boy ?
    What fun you are having and soon that special little some-one will be here.

  3. Keep yourself busy. That baby will arrive before you know it.

  4. Hi Rosie
    Good luck, the baby will be here soon, I had my 8th grandchild on April 5th and they are all in another country...
    Glad you'll have the chance to spoil yours!

  5. Waiting is fun, but once they are here, it is even better! I love the things you have made. :)

  6. Oh Rosie,,,Everything you have made is beautiful...I can feel your excitement...will be looking forward to hearing your news...xx

  7. You look like you have things ready and at hand- I suppose it is now a case of containing your excitement as each day goes by!

  8. I love those nappies. wish I had them when my boys were little.
    I bet the suspense is murder!
    Good luck and I hope the stork comes soon.

  9. All the goodies you have made look wonderful and how cute to see the beautiful basinet all ready and waiting!!

  10. What beautiful baby things you have made! Will be waiting to hear your "grand" news.

  11. Such beautiful baby things - it's very smart to keep your hands busy while you wait! I'm excited for you!!!

  12. How exciting for you! I'm sure you're just over the moon about becoming grnadparents! You have made such lovely things! Simply the perfect way to welcome your new little blessing into the world! Hope you won't have to wait too much longer!