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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Woolie Babies.

I now have four little woolie babies to look after and nurture...Not that I am suffering from empty nest syndrome or anything, or that I am missing nursing! I just can't help it when I see a little orphan or a sickie down the paddock!

I have learnt through experience though, that little sickies should be left where they are, mother nature knows best.. Still, can't help picking them up and hoping a miracle happens! Blame it on my dad, he used to do the same. He would bring lambs home to mum that were gasping their last breaths, and they would be placed on a hessian bag in front of the combustion wood fire, with the door open so they would be warm. Not very many of these ever made it... As I  said, mother nature knows best..

The Marvelous Miss Millie

The marvelous Miss Millie is now huge. Her parentage is Dorset blood. If she was in the mob she would be a prime fat lamb. We have never seen a fat lamb grow so fast and well. But she was demand fed!! We have had to teach her to be a lamb. She has been suffering an identity crisis prior to the other lambies arriving!!  She was not sure if she was a human baby or a cat!

Millie and Jasper, look at the difference in size.
Now she has been joined by Jasper a white Suffolk merino cross, a present from my brother-in-law, and little Lily, who is also a present from my brother-in-law. Lily is tiny, and will be a first cross ewe when she grows up..

Tiny little Lily, dwarfed by Millie.
Last but not least is the poor little no-name girl lamb which I found beside a dead ewe. I think she has been bitten by a fox, because her leg is injured. When you get lambs which are not tiny  they don't tame very well. I have to usually try and corner this girl to feed her and give her penicillin. Last night however, she came up quite well. She won't get a name til I'm sure she will live!!

Poor sick girl.
We all believed that sheep were silly creatures, but it just isn't so... Millie was found in our potato patch when she was much smaller...She was digging the potatoes up with her hoof, and then was eating them! Needless to say she had a belly ache for a couple of days!!


  1. Cute photos, especially the top one of Millie- she has done well since you found her in the potato patch!

  2. What cute little woolie babies!! I didn't know you had foxes in Australia!

  3. If you need a helper with those lambs I'm applying for the job! I'm quite prepared for the 'mucky' stuff too... I'm no wuss!!
    Love your blog... your animals and your stitchy bits.

  4. Lovely story about your lambs. I know what you mean about looking after them. You have to at least try.

  5. They are so cute. I love their stories (how they came to be with you). Living so far from a farm, it is so nice to see pictures of animals in their environment.

  6. love the woolie pets........they sure grow fast.........

  7. Is it wrong that I want to sit and hold them in my lap and love on them? LOL they're just adorable!

  8. Fabulous photo of Miss Millie!!!!

  9. Hello Rosie,

    A lovely post, I still remember the smell of baby lambs. Hope your little no-name survives.
    Happy days.

  10. They are so cute - hope there is a happy ending!

  11. Hi Rosie, Your lambs(and blog) are gorgeous! Millie looks like a sweetie. Do you normally lamb in the autumn? We have only had the rams out for about a month, and don't start lambing till September- maybe it's not too cold in the winter where you are?