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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finished At Last.

I have had a lovely couple of  days sewing in my new 'sewing room'.. I have moved my sewing machine into our dining room and am lovely and warm in the room next to the heater.. It is rather ironic, that I have moved back to the room that was actually my old sewing room when the kids were little and hadn't moved out of their bedrooms!

I got my scrappy baby quilt completed. It was a pattern I found on the internet whilst blogging some time ago. My apologies to who posted it, as I did not take down your details to give you the credit you deserve.
It is so easy, just squares of plain material, with scraps of colored contrasts sewn on each end, and then the squares trimmed..

I also finally got finished my Under the Sea BOM designed by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry designs. I am so happy to have it finished.. I needed prompting and pushing from my blogging friends!!!
Now all I have to do is get a piece of dowel to hang it up..

Just a couple of the stitchery panels in the quilt...

The little scrappy baby quilt I think will be given to Jan, a lovely lady who completes quilt tops and donates them to people around Australia and the world who are in desperate need. A lot of quilts were sent to the flood victims in Queensland and Victoria, and more recently, over to  Christchurch in New Zealand.

Any one interested in Jan's work, or wishing to donate quilts, quilt tops, blocks, knitted hats, scarfs etc, go to her web page at Here Jan shows pictures of those quilts she has completed from donated tops and blocks, and tells you where they are being sent..


  1. great post Rosie,you have been busy

  2. Your little scrappy baby quilt is adorable! I'd love to make one, considering all the odd bits of fabric I have now :)

    The cookies you posted earlier sound so good. The recipe looks so much healthier than the usual chocolate chip cookies.

    Thank you for stopping by after FNSI. I'm so glad to meet you, and I'll be over here often!

  3. Your quilts look lovely Rosie...and does your biscuit recipe below...Dzintra

  4. The baby quilt is so cute , love the bright colors and I love the under the sea ,that is just adorable.

  5. What a darling quilt, glad to hear you're nice and cozy warm in your "new" sewing room Rosie! And I love your Under The Sea finish. Makes me want to get going on mine!

  6. yay @ warm sewing room....Both quilts look lovely...I should take some photos of the quilts we have made by hubbies grandmother, she quilted up until 92yrs old and we have one of the last ones she finished.

    Blessings Kelsie

  7. Both of these little quilts are just precious. Wow, you did a fabulous job on the stitchery. :)

  8. Both of your quilts are beautiful Rosie, I love the white in the baby quilt, it really makes the colours stand out!

  9. You have really been busy Rosie. Your scrappy baby quilt is gorgeous. Happy stitching.

  10. Hello Rosie,

    Congrats on two great finishes. Your little baby quilt reminds me of kite flying.
    Stay warm in your sewing room.
    Happy days.

  11. Love your scrappy quilt. The pattern looks great. I have the Undersea BoM on my to do list! Those blocks looks great.

  12. I love how the white in that baby quilt makes those colors pop! Looks like stained glass kites! Scrappy quilts are my favorite! However, your embroidery is darling! I do love hand work! Have you started working on a quilt for that fabulous grandson?