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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Molly and Me.

Another busy week has just flown by. When I think back over what we were doing I realised that it was more interesting than I thought at the time..
 I made a start putting things back in the rooms which were stark and empty, re-arranging furniture, and decorating with all the special things....
We had a couple of days of very special visitors...
We bought new babies for the farm....
Said goodbye to neighbours who are moving..
And went to see Max...

We bought ten little Friesan steer calves to grow out. They are weaned from milk and now just need grass, hay, and oats to develop their bodies. It is an experiment on finances! We don't know if they will be another future project, time will tell.. But, we do know, that they are cute little babies who are very quiet and a lovely addition to the farm..

This is Molly, my absolute favorite... We bought her as a bucket fed heifer many years ago. She is so quiet that you can go up to her in the paddock and pat her all over. She will lead the other cows where you want them to go just by calling her name.. And, if you have a bucket of oats, she will just about perform tricks!!

And this is Rosie. She was already named before we got her, so I do feel a little silly calling her name when we need her to come for milking!! She is not as quiet as Molly, but when she is being milked she just stands in the bale without her head being locked in like most cows, and stays still eating her oats while we milk. She is on holidays at the moment, she wasn't in calf when we bought her, unfortunately, so we hope she has had a honeymoon down the paddock!!

This post I am linking up with Farm chick's Farm Photo blog hop, a lovely lady whose love of the farm is equal to mine.. If you have time pop on over and have a look at the pictures from other countries.

Again, not much crafting this week... Still working on my flower garden! It is growing, slowly...


  1. Rosie how wonderful to live on a farm,and what a good looking cow Molly is.
    You have had a busy week and your flower garden is looking wonderful.

  2. Good luck with those boys...Your ladies are very pretty...I am a big chicken when it comes to cows...I like a fence between me and them at all times.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Thanks for popping in Rosie!!! I love the flower garden...and your farm as well...the cows are just adorable...Dzintra

  4. The calves are gorgeous. Love the Jersey cows too, they have such beautiful faces and those eyelashes!
    Your flower garden looks amazing. To lovely and bright.

  5. Lovely pictures... I love the black and white cows.... somehow cow eyes make me feel all droopy... I wish I had those lashes!! Best milk EVER from Jerseys....

  6. Oh my word - those calves are beautiful - and so is Molly, and Rosie! You have a beautiful farm!

    Your flowers are really growing - enjoy the "gardening"!

  7. love the calves..........Rosie sounds just like Curly Pops......amazing what a little oats will do.......

  8. Don't cows have the most beautiful eyes and lashes! Your hexagon flowers are really lovely, such pretty colours.

  9. Your cows are so sweet! The pictures of them remind me of when I was a little girl and two of my uncles' (now passed on) had dairy farms. I was brought up in the city and loved going to visit their farms. And your garden is coming along nicely.

  10. Rosie, what beautiful additions to your farm. It must be a very special life- I am a city girl, born and bred so living on a farm seems very special to me. Your flower garden is growing beautifully. I have just been covering hexagons but this week I will start making flowers- I hope!! Hope Max is well.Happy stitching.

  11. Hello Rosie,

    I can sense your enthusiam about your farm. I hope Rosie comes when she is called!!
    Lovely hexies. I bet Max is still as cute.
    happy days.

  12. Your flower garden is coming along beautifully. And as far as Rosie goes, there is nothing wrong with being there?