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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The New and the Old..

Our little Max Edward is five weeks old today... He is such a gorgeous  boy, with the most expressive face, I could watch him for hours..

And, his mother is beautiful... I am so proud..

More finishes in my sewing room for this week, and some stitcheries pieced together into a quilt top. Now I have to decide whether to hand or machine quilt..
No photos of the finish yet as it is a present for a special girl...

Instead, photos of two antique quilt tops which were hand pieced by my great-grandmother from her son's suit materials, and other scraps she had on hand. I love these tops and wish I had met the lady who made them..

She never got them finished to the quilt stage. But then, maybe she didn't have the time, or only meant them to be tops. There are several rips now which will need mending. For years these tops were on beds in what we called  'the sleep out'  at home. This is an add-on to an old house, usually used for sleeping on hot summer nights as there were louvre windows which let breezes through. Our visitors used to also stay in the sleep-out when they came up  from the city, and I can imagine that there may not have been a lot of respect given to these beautiful old tops..


  1. how adorable is that picture of Max and his mum and i cant believe he is already 5 weeks old.

  2. What a beautiful pic Rosie..I can't believe it's 5 weeks already...time certainly flies!!! How special are those tops...just lovely and much loved...Dzintra

  3. Max and his Mum are both beautiful , such a precious picture . I love these old quilt tops , it would be so neat to get them to the quilt stage and preserve them , just lovely.

  4. Your little one is adorable! So sweet :)
    You have a real family treasure in those quilt tops, especially since they were made from family's clothing. What an honor to have them.

  5. lovely photo of Max with his mum.
    What great old quilt tops. It's great that you have them to treasure. Is it your plan to quilt them?

  6. Thanks for saying Hi, I have had the BEST time "meeting" you and having a read around. Just this morning I was thinking I would love to meet someone new with my interests too.

  7. Five weeks old already? Wow! Does time fly! Max and Mom are beautiful.

  8. Hi Rosie Thank you so much for visiting me. It is really nice to meet you. Your grandbaby is just precious. Love your blog I just became one of your followers can not wait to see more pictures of what you are up to.

  9. Oh Rosie, how beautiful is Max and his mother. What a blessing to have such a lovely grandson. Your antique quilts are stunning- what a great heirloom to own. My Nana had a sleep-out too and we always slept there when we visited. Nana had crocheted rugs on our beds but they have gone unfortunately. It is so lovely that you have these beautiful quilt tops.

  10. Gosh the time goes quick... waht a lovely picture - captured a special loving moment.... I love the quilts..... they must have some great stories - if only they could talk!!

  11. Those tops are lovely...I am sure you will do them complete justice to bringing them back to usable condition.

    You mentioning the "sleep-out" brought a smile to my face...fond memories from growing up on an WA wheat belt farm, the sleep-out was converted into a play room for me as a youngster...OMGosh that makes me sound old, though I am only 37 lol.

    Blessings Kelsie..

    PS: If you look closely in my last couple of posts of the bed, it features 2 different quilts, both made by Hubbies Grandmother.

  12. What a blessing little Max is. I love your log cabin quilts....lucky you to have some your Grandmothers handiwork.

  13. Babies are just scrumdiddly aren't they.....Max is just perfect! (I bet you agree!) they can soak up every second of the day if you let them!
    I do have a soft spot for log cabins.....what a treasure trove you have!
    Thanks for visiting my blog....hope you come along again for a visit!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xoxo

  14. Your daughter and little Max are both so beautiful, you have captured a wonderful photo. The antique quilt is amazing!

  15. Hello Rosie,

    A real happy post. Love those quilt tops,amazing what can be done with our clothing. No need for the latest line of material from so and so.
    Happy days and a hug to Max.

  16. What a precious is sure to become a treasured one! You have captured a truly magical moment! And your great grandmother's quilt tops are stunning. I just finished a log cabin with 1 1/4" strips. I cannot imagine hand piecing it all! And don't you wish those quilts could talk?! Makes me wish I were sitting at her feet as she pieced these so I can only imagine how you would feel!

  17. Beautiful photo of Max and his Mum... it really made me smile. I love the quilt tops you have. They are amazing. Would you think of backing and quilting them? It may help to preserve them. I think they are so special.... got to love the Log Cabin block xx