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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Huggles for Cuddles.

Where did that week go? I can't believe that it's been that long since I posted.. The sun has been shining so we have been outside once again, getting lots done, more on that later..

I have found a lovely blog written by a lady with a very generous heart, who is collecting Huggles to send to kids in Ethiopia. Now I love making soft toys when I can, and this sounds like a great project...I can even stop 'finishing' my old projects with a clear conscience, can't I???
Amanda is collecting Huggles to send with missionaries when they return to Ethiopia. For those who are not sure, a Huggle is a soft toy made with love. These Huggles  need to be sent to Amanda by the end of August. They need to be not much bigger than 8 inches by 8 inches and be filled with fibre fill. Use bright colors, and embroider or draw the eyes on. No little piggies as Ethiopia is predominantly a Muslim country..

This is Dudley the Dodo. I made him early in the year and he now resides in baby Max's nursery.. Muff loved the colors of Dudley, even if she didn't know what he was!! Is that a reflection of my toy making abilities?? He will not be going to Ethiopia, he's way too big, and Max saw him first!!
Amanda has a list of patterns on her web site as well...

Now on to what's been happening on the farm....
For the last couple of days we have been crutching our young sheep and lambs.. Crutching is taking the dags off their behinds so that they are nice and clean. This keeps their wool clean and in the warm weather helps prevent fly strike..
We have been doing this in our sheep handler....

Note the nice clean lines....... on the sheep people!..... and the handsome young man! Not even on our property! Picture courtesy of  Just to show you what a crutched sheep's behind looks like... and a sheep handler in action...

Now the real story.... ours! Note the rusty edges, through many years of use and age, a bit like us really!! No action pictures with this one! We were too busy trying to catch the big lambs as they flew out the top! There was no way some of them were going to go through this contraption! Lambs are very much like teenagers...all hormones, very little common-sense, and great strength! However, quite a few re-runs later and we were all done..

A lot of sheep handlers were invented from the 1970's onwards when the wool market collapsed, as a way of saving money. Farmers could crutch their own sheep instead of employing someone to do it for them. There are many versions of handlers on the market, with varying price tags also.. Now if only we had lots of money, we would most certainly up-grade.. But that's another story..


  1. The huggles sound like such a marvelous idea , what a sweet lady to do this for the children of Ethiopia . Dudley is really cute and I bet your grandchild loves him , so bright an cheerful .Thanks for the info on the sheep , didn't realize this was a job that had to be done but it does make sense ,farming is hard work! Enjoy your day .

  2. Hi there Rosie, I just love Dudley the dodo, and I adore little Max Edwards cute nose in your previous blog. Too cute!! Kind regards, Anita.

  3. Hi Rosie... Just love the idea of Huggles... what a wonderful thing to do. I have checked out some of Amanda's pattern links and I really like the owl... see how I go? You really have your work cut out for you on the farm... I don't know how you do it. It must be never ending. xx

  4. Hi Rosie. You country girls sure have lovely jobs to do!! I always wondered what crutching lambs involved, now I know. Duddles the Dodo is very cute and colourful. I can see why Max loves him. The Huggles project is a great idea. I will try to make something to send. We are so fortunate to live in Australia.

  5. Great post Rosie and i love your dodo

  6. What a darling dodo, and what a great cause...I'll see what I can do. Not sure, I may be swamped with making quilts. What a very interesting glimpse into farm life, Rosie, I would love to live on a farm but I would never make it - too much city in this girl, but oh how I long for it!

  7. What a great idea to send Huggles to those children to love. And I had to laugh at the upside down sheep getting crutched. I have a cute sheep story for you. A few years ago we took a friend's little girl with us to the state fair. When we went to visit the sheep barn, they were having a sheep sheering demonstration. The little girl with us said "Look! They're peeling the sheep!" Had everyone there in stitches.

  8. Dudley is gorgeous Rosie and I love your post about the sheep handler! Very interesting reading!!

  9. Dudley is very cool! I'm sure Max loves him too.
    We have 3 days of crutching lined up for next week - can't you tell I'm pretty excited about that too. LOL

  10. Hey Rosie,
    Dudley DooDoo is adorable, you are so talented.

    Love the old sheep handler too...Wonder how many sheep would warrant us purchasing one?? hmmm

    Hope you are still enjoying some nice days of sunshine.

    Blessings Kelsie (who is longing for some cooler weather already)