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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Huggles in a Huggle.

We have had a week of cold windy weather.. I was lucky enough to have a couple of days inside...

Two lovely days of making Huggles..

These little guys were from a Japanese craft book,  'Joyful Stuffed Dolls and Animals'  by Ondori.. They are soft and squishy, made from towelling and felt..

The little penguin on the right is a 'freebie' from an Australian Designer Jodie from RicRac. Jodie calls the pattern Little Birds, but I think he looks like a cute little penguin.. A very easy pattern to make up..
The bunny on the left is from a collection of free softie patterns found in the following links...

I had so much fun looking through these links and have many projects book marked for later..

The little lemon teddy can be found at
The little pink teddy has been an old favorite from a craft book... so old I can't remember which one...
These have both been made from a soft stretchy material which I found lovely to work with and very forgiving...hides stitches well..

Gingerbread man  lives at  and his little friend the Chibi Rabbit has a pal the Chibi Kitty at

So much fun to make, so easy and a great project when you get them to the stuffing and facial features stage, to do at night watching tv.. Hopefully, soon these little guys will be travelling to visit Amanda and then will be winging their way to Ethiopia..


  1. Oh look at these, so cute, you have done a great job. Love the little penguin, I'm sure they will all be treasured!

  2. Wow Rosie.. you have been busy and those are ever so cute....

  3. You have been busy Rosie and they all look so cute! The pink kitty is such a cutie!!

  4. That's one lovely snuggle of softies you have there Miss Rosie. You must have been turbo charged this week.

  5. Those Huggles are so cute Rosie. What joy they will bring to little people in Ethiopia.Have a great week.

  6. Rosie what a lovely thing to do ,lots of kiddies will enjoy the fruits of your labour,well done

  7. Beautiful softies, what a wonderful project, good on you!

  8. Hey Rosie these lok so cute...and a great thing to do whilst inside...Dzintra

  9. They are beautiful softies and I'm sure will be loved. What a lovely thing to do.

  10. Nice huggles Rosie, hard to pick a favourite but I think the pink kitten is mine.

  11. They are adorable Rosie and will make some child very happy , great work!!!

  12. My goodness but you have been a sewing super-woman! You have stitched up a whole darling zoo! I can only imagine how those children's eyes will twinkle with joy when they get their hands on your lovely, soft critters! They all have such personality! Can't help but smile when I look at them!

  13. Oh Rosie how beautiful they are a legend...did you get my email with my address on it?
    It is really hard to pick a favourite, but I truly like the Gingerbread man and the pink Teddy.