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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Canadian Friends.

A fantastic postcard arrived in the mail last week, all the way from Nova Scotia.. It is absolutely stunning..
Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World  was it's incredible creator..The postcard depicts the hills of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia where Sheila lives..

It is so inspiring to see a new craft... I now can't wait to have a try myself, so have joined Sheila in a postcard swap. If you want to have a go at making a postcard, Sheila has written a tutorial on her website which is very easy to follow. It is also not too late to join in the swap..

It has been a busy week for the postman... this gorgeous little owl flew all the way from Canada too!! He is pictured here in the bottle-brush tree, resting after his long journey... He is so cute.. too cute to stay outside in the garden, he's coming to live inside with me on the kitchen bench..
Thank you so much to his wonderful creator... Sue of Chickadee's Country Cottage Crafts, he will be well loved...

We have just had a week of the most glorious sunshine, and today is just as nice. A prelude to the spring days ahead... But as our days are so lovely, I can't help but think of friends overseas and hope that the hurricane which is  circling at the moment abates and leaves them all safe..

Just a couple of farm photos now...

Chooky looking for a chance to get in the garden and have a scratch..
I really should go outside and make sure those chooks aren't getting in... but it's so nice here on the sofa....

Happy girls under the fig tree..

Wishing you all sunny days, with just a sprinkle of rain if you need it.....


  1. lovely post Rosie and yes my prayers are with everyone overseas that will be affected by Irene,may there be no loss of life.oxox

  2. Hi Rosie, glad he made the journey OK, especially after being stuffed in an envelope and sent all that way, LOL. He looks happy anyway!
    Your Kitty looks so cute, hope they are not scratch marks all along your sofa, yikes.
    Love the chickens, I collect chickens, but haven't pound any I really like lately.
    Have a nice weekend. Sue

  3. I have seen some amazing postcards around Rosie!!! The owl is cute...I am really starting to like these little chaps...thinking of everyone in Irene's path, it's all a bit scarey isn't it...Dzintra

  4. Your cat looks like it's having a nice good stretch... and I do love the owl who has coem to live by you and the postcard.. Sheila's work is lovely and I am also going to postcard swap... what fun.... I love sitting watching the chooks... always entertaining...

  5. Wow that postcard is so lovely - what a wonderful gift! And the owl is just too cute. I just love the pic of your kitty!

    I'm watching live coverage of the hurricane - lots of nasty weather on the eastern seaboard. So glad she shrunk a little before she started cruising up the coast!

  6. Had to smile at your puddy....Herself Madam Kelpie gives me just that look when I find her stretched out on the couch - where she is not meant to be!
    Great Canadian treasures...beautiful fabric postcard and Mr Owl is very cute...enjoy the sunshine while it lasts...

  7. Beautiful gifts Rosie, love it when the mailman brings 'happy mail' not just bills! Your chooks are lovely, they look pretty happy with life. Love the look on your cats face. lol

  8. Hello Rosie,

    Oh you did get some happy mail, Sheila's postcard is stunning and that owl of Sue's will be right at home on your kitchen bench. Great chooky photo's.
    Happy days.

  9. The post card is beautiful and what a cute owl you received in the mail.

  10. So glad you like your postcard Rosie and also glad you have decided to join us for a swap. The owl is just adorable . Loved the photos of your kitty and chooks ;-0

  11. That postcard is breathtaking! And that Owl is the cutest thing ever!!! :D I want one too!! :D

  12. Wow that postcard is amazing and your little owl is very cute. Great photos of your cute animals! Hope you're feeling better!

  13. What fun mail! That postcard is so pretty - I would love to give that landscape quilting a try one day. Don't think I'm brave enough just yet. And what a fun owl! Just makes you smile to look at him! Your chickens look fat and sassy and your kitten looks mischievious!

  14. The post card is beautiful and the owl is very cute. I have joined in the post card swap too. Your farm photos are cute too :)

  15. Your gifts are lovely Rosie, I think the owl is very cute. I love watching cats and chickens, and you have captured gorgeous photos of yours.

  16. Unfortunately Rosie, my mailbox usually reveals only windowed-envelopes. Looking forward to keeping up with the happenings in your part of this wonderful country.

  17. oh my! you have been a lucky lady too haven't you? I love your farm pics! Happy Stitching, Susie