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Sunday, August 14, 2011


A reflective post this time...

These are photos of a quilt my beautiful mother has made... Her stitching is so perfect, unless you look very closely you may think it is machine done..

I like to think that I have inherited some of my values from my mother.... I know for certain that I have inherited her love of craft, her love of the garden, and making do...


Mothers are the place where love
And happiness rings out like bells
In honor or our birth.

Mothers are the sun that lights
For life our inner sky,
So we may know that we are loved
And need not question why.

Mothers are the moon that shines
Upon our black despair,
So even when we weep, we know
That someone's always there.

Whatever fear, or stress, or pain
Might them to anger move,
We know that underneath the storm
We have, always, their love.

~ Author Unknown ~

This week brings some sadness for my sister-in-law as she says goodbye to her mum. It has been a long journey with daughter becoming the carer, and taking over the 'mother' role in some at times, very trying circumstances..
She has been the most supportive daughter any mother could wish for...

I have to hold back from posting my thoughts on end of life care, as I am not sure that this is the right place to do this..  As a nurse, and a daughter my thoughts are quite strong, and maybe you are not ready to hear them... It is so important to discuss your own thoughts and wishes with your family though, so I have found a  web address which covers the topic well..

And a new mother has just been made!

Congratulations Amy and Tim, friends of my daughter's, on the birth of your beautiful baby boy...

The circle of life goes on......


  1. Hello Rosie,

    A big hug goes to your SIL and all the family. Yes the circle of life certainly does continue. A new baby is always welcome.
    Happy days.

  2. Hi Rosie, your mother was a very fine quilter, love her colour choices too. My heart goes out to your SIL & family. It sounds like her journey with mum was similar to my own & yes it was at times a mean learning curve that has left me with quite a few strong views on dealing with that stage of life & what I would have wanted to know in advance if I could. The circle of life in deed, how lovely to have a new baby too. At least we can quilt our memories in to something that lasts beyond us & our loved ones. Tracee xx

  3. Good Morning Rosie...what a beautiful tribute to your Mum and a beautiful quilt that she made...My heart goes out to your dear sister in law and family...I once wondered when I was writing something in my blog and I asked my daughter what will everyone think...well she came back's your blog write what you want...hugs to you...Dzintra

  4. Hi Rosie, your Mums quilt is lovely.... and it's wonderful you have it there to cuddle.... my condolences to your SIL.... and congrats to the new baby..... an interesting post and article...

  5. A Lovely Post on Mothers...
    Being in Aged Care I know where you are coming from & probably would Agree with you knowing what we see & do in our Everyday Job...
    It's a Big Job being a Carer & sounds like your SIL has done a Wonderful Job in Caring for her Mum..
    Thanks for Sharing..

  6. Hi Rosie, absolutely beautiful quilt! Thoughts are with your SIL, a wonderful tribute to Mothers.

    I came across a blog the other day that had a page titled 'No Offence Intended', diplomatically stating that she would write what she thought about things without ever intending to offend. This is your space and you are 'entitled' to your views.

    I worked as a nurse for twenty years and yes, I have fairly strong opinions in areas such as these as well.

    Have a lovely day :)

  7. I love the colours in the quilt. It seems to me that though it is hard letting go of loved ones, things like this keep memories in our hearts and minds. I guess we need to leave behind things that will help our loved ones remember us in turn!

  8. Your mum's quilt is beautiful. My sympathy to your sister-in-law and family. My own mom passed on 9 years ago.

  9. what a beautiful poem.............I'm ever so grateful every single day for still having my mum....sympathies to all.....

  10. What a beautiful post Rosie. I am in Belgium now with my son and it is so wonderful to be able to "mother" him after a long time apart. I am so lucky to still have my mum and mum-in-law but I know they cannot be here forever, so I will definitely visit the website you have recommended. I hope your sister-in-law and family find comfort this difficult time. On a happier note, your mother's stitching is beautiful. Love from Antwerp, Cate

  11. Wishing your SIL finds some comfort in the coming weeks/months. A mother is irreplaceable. My thoughts are with her.

  12. Your mothers quilt is just beautiful. I hope your sil can find some comfort from your support.
    I suppose we find comfort in the fact that the circle does go on.

  13. Hi Rosie, thanks for a thought provoking post. Your Mum's quilt is beautiful, and it is obvious how much you treasure her. I'm sure you have been a huge help to your SIL through the most difficult times. I lost my Mum 12 years ago and I miss her every day ....... I love and appreciate the sentiment in the poem.
    Congrats to the new parents too!

  14. Your mother was a lovely quilter , beautiful quilt and a lovely tribute to your Mom. My sympathies to your SIL , I know this can be a difficult struggle . Take care and thanks for the great post.

  15. Hello there Rosie, thanks for the lovely comments you left me, so nice to "meet" you.

    How wonderful to have such a beautiful quilt stitched by your mum...........mothers are very special, I lost my mother three years ago and still miss her, so I'm sending your SIL a hug, it does get a little easier over time.

    I'm off now to have a little wander around your blog to read some of your earlier posts.

    lily x

  16. Hey Rosie, go have a look at my blog the prizes are drawn and you are one very lucky winner.
    love the tribute to your SIL's Mum...I too have a strong view of end of life choices after watching my Dad suffer terribly and not being able to help or change things for him due to not being named as EPA etc.


  17. Looks like most are saying to write what you want. If you feel you are supposed to write it, then do because you just never know who will read it that maybe is supposed to hear it!

    Yes that circle just goes on. Sorry about your SIL's mum.

  18. I just hopped over here from Amanda's blog; I see very well why you are an inspiration! This was a particularly inspiring post; you are so sweet (withholding your opinion) yet, encouraging us (your readers) to have certain "chats" with those who matter about our transition from this life to the next. It does give one something to think about and plans to be written/etched in stone.