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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Just recently I was involved in a postcard swap organised by the lovely Sheila. I had never made a postcard before but found the whole process fascinating..
Lucky for me my swap partner was Fiona.....
Look what she sent me.....

It's absolutely incredible...
There is a gorgeous little mini quilt which Fiona has foundation pieced and bound, then sewn onto the top of the postcard..
I just love it.... love it....
I could see a series of mini quilts on clothes lines, even little clothes hanging from the tree line...
This will be a treasure for me..... straight to the 'pool room'.....(for those who haven't seen the movie 'THE CASTLE', the pool room holds all the treasures!!

Fiona has received my postcard so I can tell you a little story about that now..

I chose to do some silk ribbon embroidery and beading on an old piece of lace with some satin underneath..

I posted my postcard on the way home from buying a husband for the girls.... a beautiful new ram... and posted the card in a tiny old country store..
It was like walking back in time... the floor boards were old and uncovered, they creaked when you walked on them, and smelt 'old'...
There was a very long counter, with old shelving behind.. the owners had collected biscuit tins from the past and they were on display, along with a sprinkling of 'new' groceries..
There were no lights on, just what light was filtering through the front window...
The man behind the counter didn't feel the weight of the envelope, just said he'd post it... I was so scared that Fiona would be charged extra because someone down the line would feel that it was too heavy!!
So Fiona, if I owe you anything let me know!!!!!

If you get a chance try making a postcard... it's so much fun... the possibilities are endless...
Thank you Sheila for encouraging us to try...


  1. Pretty postcards, I like your ribbon embroidery on the lace postcard.... the tin quilt is cute as well, you could make apicture for a laundry room.

  2. WOW Both postcards are just adorable. Well done to you both.
    LOL I have recently been in one of those OLD stores on our travels round Aussie.

  3. Absolutely lovely Rosie. You both did very well. That foundation pieced little quilt blows my mind...eek! Glad you elaborated on the 'new husband' for your girls. LOL! Your old store sounds wonderful!

  4. Definitely straight to the pool room! Two different styles but two amazing pieces.You are both too clever. They are gorgeous!!
    Nearly fell off my chair when you wrote you were going to buy a husband for the girls lol.

  5. Both of you made beautiful postcards. So glad yours arrived there safely after its unusual posting place.

  6. what a nice swap both sent and received,well done ladies

  7. Great swap and I love my beautiful postcard...

  8. Hello Rosie,

    They are both so divine, I loved hearing about the old post office much nicer than our local one, I stand in line fingers crossed that I won't get one of the workers.

    Happy days.

  9. Lovely tiny treasures. Great work by you both.

  10. Lovely postcards Rosie...and what fun to the sound of that ol' shop too...Dzintra

  11. You have made my heart sing this morning , wow I am so impressed with both postcards ,gorgeous .Thank you to both of you for participating in my first ever swap ,maybe we will have to do this again:-0 Loved your little story behind mailing it to Fiona , too cute . hugs Sheila

  12. Both postcards are amazing! I love your description of the country store.. I could hear the creaking floor, smell that old smell and see the shadows from the filtered light...

  13. I love BOTH of these - so creative and STUNNING! It's obvious both of you put a lot of time and talent into them!

  14. Both the postcards are beautiful Rosie- definitely worth a spot in the pool room!! Hope the girls like their new hubby and don't kick him out to the back paddock. Have a happy week.

  15. Fabulous post cards. They are both very creative treasures.

  16. Both of the postcards are beautiful Rosie, you are both very creative. Love the story of the old postroom too.

  17. beautiful post cards Rosie, I make postcards to, I joined an on line group and its so much fun.

  18. oooooh I love that! Okay - I'm in. : ) PS> my best friend is from down under. She lives here now but still has family in Australia.
    in Canada