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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Arrives in the Valley.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas........ Santa made a stop over the farm yesterday..... and dropped off this wonderful bundle of beautifully wrapped presents....

Look at the gorgeous way these presents are wrapped....
I was part of the SSCS which Chookyblue organised....
These beautiful presents came to me all the way from the Netherlands...

So thank you so much Simone .... I haven't opened anything yet.... I'm enjoying the anticipation of seeing what my little ornament will look like.....

Harvest is on down on the farm..

We are harvesting an oat crop at the moment..
See the lines of chaff which fall out the back of the header (harvester).. The oats on their stalks are fed into the comb on the front of the header, and pass through all the various workings.. (girl talk for I have no idea what goes where, I just drive the tractor)..... to end up as oats in the header bin and chaff out the back..
The lines of chaff remind me of quilting lines.. They should be lovely and straight, unless you have to dodge something like a stump, or a weed... Mine often bend slightly as I day dream, or turn the power steering too hard...
 It's hard to get good drivers......

While I wait for the header to be 'greased' and over-hauled I try and have some quick hand sewing nearby..

This cute little owl is a freebie I found. Designed by Jessica Levit and found on her website He is really easy to make....

Looking forward to opening up my decoration parcel.....
Again, a big big thank you to you Simone....


  1. what a lovely lot of parcels santa dropped of to you Rosie,you must've been a good girl this year,lol.
    Interesting about the oats and what a cute little owl.

  2. Lovely parcels for you Rosie. The owl is so cute. Hugs,

  3. Weren't they so beautifully wrapped Rosie...that's a talent in itself. Something to look forward too. Cute little owl. I love oats my favourite brekky....

  4. Lovely owl, you can start a collection now...

  5. what lovely wrapping. Can't wait to see what's inside!
    Your little owl is very sweet.
    Happy harvesting!

  6. Great to see SSCS parcels arriving.... your harvesting skills are great... my son would employ you over in the UK!! love the little owl...
    Have fun...

  7. Woohoo you are going to have fun! The lines of chaff do remind me of quilting lines. My mum learned to drive on a farm tractor....when she was 10...I love seeing your farm!

  8. Forgot to say I love your little owl, he's darling!

  9. Sanata has been good to you. Those pressies look too good to open. Your little owl is great - and no grease on him!

  10. Your presents are beautiful. They would be a "gift" just to enjoy the wrappings ;)

    I love your description of the rows resembling quilting lines. Your pictures and your words make me feel like I could step into that field! From here in the cooler North U.S., I can almost feel the warmth of your sunny day.

  11. I am waiting with anticipation to see the gifts unwrapped. Wow, you drive a tractor? I am really impressed now...and I don't think it matters whether or not you drive straight, right?

  12. All the gifts look very exciting. It is interesting to get snippets of your farm life. You must be pretty tough and then you pull out your hand sewing:) Glad to see the harvest seems to be going well.

  13. what a gorgeous parcel, some people are so good at wrapping presents...

    i love the farm shots, it is really interesting to hear the workings of a farm...i lone your farm quilting lines

    the owl is gorgeous too, great to see you fitting in your stitching

  14. hey a beautiful parcel.........goodluck with harvest.......bit of rain around here stopping the work...........

  15. Hey... I am seriously impressed with your tractor driving! When your lines look like crazy quilting... worry... you'll know then it's time to put the wine bottle away!
    Only one thing left to say... Miss Rosie... YOU ROCK!!

  16. Such pretty packages ,wonder what is inside ? I'm sure it is wonderful.You are a good driver from the look of those lines , I am impressed :-0 The little owl is adorable .
    hugs Sheila

  17. I just am in love with owls anymore. That one is cute!!

  18. Lucky you Rosie...your crops are looking good...we have so much rain here not good at all..

  19. Hello Rosie,
    You have been working hard on the header. Enjoy those Christmas goodies and the owl is oh so cute.
    Happy days.

  20. Lovely parcels Rosie, that is a great idea for wrapping gifts! Your crops look good in the photos. I love your little Christmas owl, you have made a lovely job!

  21. What great packages. I can not wait to see what you have inside of them. You are so silly. At least you can drive the tractor. If I where to do it the lines most defintely would not be straight.

  22. Yoo...hoooo it's me again!
    Just popped by to tell you I have bestowed a Leibster Award upon you. Just because you are you! Now.. drop by my blog to find out more.... Hugs

  23. Your parcels look so lovely.. I bet you can't wait to open them. Thanks for the link too, of the little owl, very cute. I really enjoyed reading about your harvesting and the lines your tractor makes. My mum and partner have been harvesting at Moree... well that was until the rain came. My lines would definitely be wonky as I'd be thinking of quilting and sewing and forget what I was doing he he!! xx

  24. I hope your tractor has air conditioning!

  25. Those presents look so pretty...I might have to steal the bow simple but cute as all get-out.

    hehe@your wobbly lines...So jealous you get to drive the tractor...I want a tractor :)

  26. Hi Rosie.
    Yesterday my present arrived here in Paris. Thank you so much. The Christmas decoration was adorable - I really liked it. Now I have to wait to the 24th before I can open the other present. In Norway we open presents in the evening of 24th.
    Again, thank you so much.
    Anne Lise

  27. Hi Rosie ~ I am so happy the parcel arrived safely! My sister sent it, since we were on our way for vacation (o:
    Love the little owl you made and I can't imagine the busy life you have with harvesting. Looks very interesting.
    What a lovely quilting-harvesting comparison!
    Have a great week.

  28. What lovely packages! A feast for your eyes :) The little owl is precious. Love to see the pictures of your harvest and work on your farm.

  29. Such beautiful wrapping, almost too gorgeous to open.