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Friday, April 29, 2011

Christmas Through The Year.

April is drawing to a close... I don't know where the days go..
Whenever I get a chance, on a very hot day or a rainy day, I try and make something to put away for Christmas or as a gift.. These little things mount up and are very handy later on..

Today I have linked up with  allie-oops sweet happy life  for her Christmas through the year..

This little bag is very quick to make and is the perfect Kris Kringle gift... Fill it up with whatever you want...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sew Darn Crafty.

The days on the farm have been absolutely glorious lately.. We have been very busy getting the paddocks ready for putting the crop in. Now we have not many acres so our crop paddocks are tiny, but it takes us old fossils twice as long to do it!! And, our machinery is as old as us, if not older!!

Therefore not much crafting is going on. So this week I have linked up with Karen on her Sew Darn Crafty Party.

This is a baby quilt I finished last year. It is a design by Libby Richardson and is very enjoyable to complete. I bought it as a kit, thinking that it would make a great pattern to make up for all the girls on the ward (nurses, that is..) who were pregnant, as a lovely gift.... However, it took many many hours to complete all the applique and embroidery, and I haven't got that many extra hours spare, so this one is going to a grand baby, and I will modify the pattern for presents..  It also has a nappy bag to match...

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tribute To Roy.

I am constantly amazed at the coincidences that occur in life. Today, Anzac day, my beautiful daughter-in-law visited looking for something which we could not find. However, one of the first things we did find was an old tin full of memories of Dig's Uncle Roy....

Roy was killed in action in the second world war in November 1942 in Egypt. He was twenty seven years old...

Enclosed in the old tin was a beautiful letter sent to Roy's mother from one of his army friends... It brought tears to our eyes and a lump in our throat as we listened to Leona read it out loud..

"Dear Mrs Crozier,
Allow me to express my deepest sympathy with you in the loss of your son Roy. Your loss is shared by us all, especially to myself personally, he was one of the best friends I've ever known. From the time he joined the Regiment at Tobruk we formed our friendship - sharing trials and dangers together. No matter how difficult or dangerous the job Roy never shirked it, it ever a man did his best it was your Son. If at any time I required help in repairing vehicles he was one of the first to volunteer. To me Roy was more like a brother and it will be a long time before the wound will heal. I'll always remember him and pray that one day we shall meet again. Roy had faith in God and I feel sure that he is now in the great home above where everything is peace - perfect peace. The one spark of consolation is that his death was instantaneous.

As soon as possible I'm hoping (God willing ) to forward on a few of his personal belongings, I know they will be treasured by yourself and family as memories of one who died for his country in the fight for freedom.

May God Bless and comfort you, I know Roy would not wish you to grieve over him so please try and picture him in that glorious home above.

Yours in deepest sympathy....."

Letter to Roy's mother, note the sticker on the end of the envelope - OPENED BY CENSOR.


Anzac Day.

Today is a very special day here in Australia. It is the day when we think of all those who so bravely went to war so that we could be free... When you see how some other countries treat their people you realise how very lucky we are. But for these incredible people who fought for us, or supported those fighting for us, we may not have been so lucky....May we always remember...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vegie Gardens.

It's been cloudy and cool today, perfect for transplanting seedlings and weeding the vegie garden. I have raised beds in my vegie garden which really need some renovation to the walls and the soil. We made the beds very quickly with corrugated iron and steel posts. However, over time the soil has pushed it's way out the ends of the corrugated iron.
Raised garden bed.

Last spring I quickly put some vegies in under my clothes line, very handy to the house and the soil was fresh. I did miss the raised beds for ease of weeding and no bending..So today, back out to the raised beds to weed and replant..
I was ably assisted by the marvelous Miss Millie

Surprise potatoes

As I weeded I found surprise potatoes and  surprise pumpkins.. None of these have had water over summer, just survived on the rain that fell... Admittedly, we had a very wet summer! I can't wait to get more raised beds in place. This time we are making them out of old rain water tanks, so the soil will be unable to 'squish' out anywhere...

I do have one slight problem in the form of a woolly Miss Millie....She can jump up into the bins!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In.

Hexies from the Vignette quilt.

Truffle Turtle

Under the Sea BOM from Willowberry Designs
 What on earth did we ever do before we had computers and the internet? My computer died on me on Friday and it was like I lost my best friend. I have borrowed Muff's computer, but there are no pictures that I had saved on mine, and it's just not quite the same.

Friday Night Sew In was the big winner!! and became Saturday Night Sew In and Sunday Night Sew In....

I got some more hexagons done from my Vignette Hexagon Quilt and lined them all up to see how much I had achieved.. I thought I was doing really well until I read the Vignette magazine and realised that I still had one hundred and thirteen more to go!!! Just take baby steps, and enjoy the journey...

I was also able to put the borders on my Under the Sea block of the month. This is a beautiful little stitchery wall hanging designed by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs. I have really enjoyed the stitchery. The under water creatures are full of character.. After you finish the stitchery, you get to do some coloring in.. I think you are really supposed to do this first, but it worked for me doing it last! I used kids crayons to lightly shade over the stitching and I can't believe the difference it made.Sunday night I hand quilted it so now all I have left to do is the binding and the hanging pocket. Another wall hanging for the babies room!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guilt Free StitchingOn Friday.

 I have joined the Friday Night Sew In which is hosted byHeidi at Handmade by Heidi. A win-win situation, tucking up on the couch in comfy clothes, with a warm drink and the fire going, to stitch away...

No new projects to show, just some cold weather 'cheer-me-up' photos of some of my favorite things...
Roses from the garden.

Roses on a quilt.
And it has been cold, windy and wet the last few days here on the farm. There has been snow on the mountains, and it feels like winter has come quickly.... I love cold weather, but haven't been enjoying this. Too cold even to go fossicking for fire wood..

But really nice to be inside by the fire stitching... No guilt stitching, that's what I like!

My friend Chrissie will be pleased, I have cleaned my sewing room. Our house is still topsy turvy after having the kids live with us while they built their house. We haven't moved all our furniture back in it's proper places yet because we want to paint the walls and polish the floors. Therefore, there were quite a few things in my tiny sewing room that shouldn't have been.. I can't concentrate in an untidy room...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Noah's Ark.

Just a quick post link with Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft, on her show and tell Monday... I am either late or very early, or didn't read properly!! Or, all of the above!!

I have not long completed a free block-of-the-month designed by Lynette Anderson called Noah's Ark.
It was really fun to do and is really cute when all made up.. It is about to find a new home in the bedroom of my soon to be born grand baby!

Travelling with Hexagons.

Hot pink retro case.

Packed full of hexagon loveliness

It was while packing my retro-hot pink old case (that someone was going to throw out!), that I had an 'a-ha' moment....
This project would be absolutely perfect for the travelling 'grey nomad'.
It is so portable, you don't even need an iron. Just your needle and thread, pretty material, glue-pen, pre-cut hexagons, scissors, template and zip-lock bags..And, of course, a 'flash' container to hold them all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Decadent Quilting..

Vignette magazine by Leanne Beasley
Pre-cut hexagons and Sewline glue pen.

Sweet Broderie fabrics designed by Rosalie Quinlan

Absolutely yummy fabrics.
I have recently joined the Vignette Hexagon blog, where we are making the hexagon quilt designed by Leanne Beasley in her new magazine VIGNETTE. My first quilt I ever made was an english hexagon quilt with materials from old dresses and scraps I had. It wasn't very pretty, and I swore I never would do one again!! But this time I have gone really  decadent and cut into my beautiful Rosalie Quinlan 'Sweet Broderie' fat quarters. It is an absolute delight to make up these pretty hexagon flowers with such gorgeous material.
What also makes this quilt fun is the 'Sewline glue pen', which eliminates the need for hand basting the hexagons before you join them together. I have also cheated with this quilt and purchased pre-cut one inch hexagons.
I needed templastic to make a template to fussy cut the hexagons on some of the material with a particular design. Now because we live in the country, I couldn't justify a special trip to town...So I got an old x-ray and soaked it in bleach and voila! template plastic!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Hot.....Really Hot....

I' m hot.......really hot.....We've been out burning paddocks ready for sowing winter crops.. It's not the nicest of jobs, you have to watch like a hawk to make sure the flames don't get out of the paddock across the fire break. It gets quite scary when a whirlwind begins and gathers up the burning embers, you don't know where they are going to land.
Can someone tell me why the fire won't burn where you want it to in the paddock this year, because it maybe on the greenish side, but when it jumps the break it will burn through anything??
We surprised one kangaroo in the next paddock having a siesta in a clump of trees..... too hot for him too!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sparkle

Happy birthday Sparkle, I can't believe that all the years have gone by and that you are twenty nine today. I hope you have had a wonderful day and that Collingwood win for you tonight...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Another beautiful day on the farm. Lots of babies being born safely, and enjoying the sun. Came across a clutch of baby wood ducks on night fall, which are totally out of season. Mum and dad so protective, both sitting on top of the babies so a crow could not get them.

My very own baby, all grown up now, has had another ultrasound because the midwife was concerned that her measurements were not as they should be.. Ironically, she is actually further on than they think!! We may have a precious bundle before we know it!

Happy farm babies.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Habits and UFO'S.

Muff's bright log cabin.

Country log cabin from scraps.

ABC...123  designed by Mitch of Fernlea Bears.

Antique Puss in the Corner.

Baskets and Lilies designed by Liz Willing.

EBay scrap quilt top

EBay Baltimore top

Gracie's Garden Sampler BOM.

Scrap Baby Quilt.
I was able to spend today going through all my unfinished quilt tops and stitcheries. I knew I had a few, but didn't realize just how many I had been putting away...To make matters worse, I even bought more unfinished tops off eBay - they were such bargains!!
I have a short attention span, and am easily distracted by the beautiful enticing patterns which are everywhere these days. I get a lot of craft magazines and they are laden with yellow stick-it notes! If there is a patterns that really takes my eye, I can't help myself, and I start another!!
I have noticed that there seems to be two types of crafters, those that must finish one thing before they start another, and those that are like me, and have a few things on the go..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ute

Just had to do a story on Dig's ute after reading this wonderful blog. This is the farm work horse. It has everything in it except the kitchen sink, and that is only because he can't fit it in!! Note the lifting crane on the back which he uses to lift absolutely everything, Now this is his 'good' ute! It is very up-market, even has power steering. It is the last in a long line of Holdens, absolutely have to be Holden, farm utes. The other Holdens have all died and are now residing around his workshop for parts... Good job scrap steel is increasing in price!! He no longer does donuts, but his son does! Doesn't have two aerials, just a little trannie
(transistor radio) on the front dash which he religiously tunes in to the country hour at twelve thirty for the weather forecast, and at one for the stock market report! If you want to travel with Dig in the ute, you have to wait until he clears a spot for you to sit. It's a real problem if you want to go off farm and need to put the seat belt on as there are usually numerous spiders residing where it hangs!! And, you never want to drive on bumpy country roads in the ute as the shockers (shock absorbers) are a little slack to make his ride better!! But it's all fun....