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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Holiday.

It seems like so long since I have posted... We have had a busy week here on the farm.. It has been a very cold week, too cold to even contemplate living in an old house without a wood fire going, but that is what we have done...

We have been living in chaos while we have had our floors polished... The end result is beautiful, but I say now, never again (at least never in winter anyway). We had to pack our bags in the end and have a mini holiday at the garden gate in our tiny caravan. It has a heater, and the smell of the varnish didn't reach that far!!

Now this is for the Nannies out there, with my apologies to everyone else!!

Max, one week old.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Boy.

I will try not to bore people with Nana talk from now on, but you all have to meet little Max before I take the pledge!!

Max , only a few hours old. Oblivious to the world.

Proud but tired, Mum and Dad.

Nannie and Poppie.

He was handed back and forth between all his visitors and hardly made a murmur.

The photos are a little blurry, but the subject is very precious..Hope he slept and fed well for his mum last night. She thinks she will be going home today, seems incredibly quick to me...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Max Edward.

Welcome to the world our beautiful baby grandson...What took you so long??...I have been waiting all day for you to arrive!! Poppy had to go without his right-hand-girl because I was waiting for your daddy to ring. I guess your mummy is a pretty special person though, and you didn't want to leave her too soon.. We are so pleased that you have arrived, and can't wait to meet you tomorrow when you and mummy have had a rest...

I wish someone had warned me just how hard it is to wait while your daughter is in labour... I have cleaned every bench, washed curtains, washed and dried the weeks laundry, washed the biccie barrels, cut up six kilo of tomatoes and onions for relish, and then, remembered to breathe......
 I made pizza tonight while I was waiting, and forgot to put in the yeast, and the salt and sugar, and wondered why it wasn't rising!!
 I have made a pledge to my friends who have daughters, to be there for them as a  birth-coach when their daughters have babies....
 Isn't it strange how quick you forget the pain when you have a baby, but how long you remember the pain when your daughter has a baby...
Tomorrow will be a special day.... we will meet Max Edward... we will give him Nannie and Poppie cuddles, and start his little life off the way we mean it to go on, with lots of love forever..

A Day of Waiting.

The expression  'a cat on a hot tin roof' ' springs to mind at the moment... I have had a phone call......Not THE phone call, but a phone call, to say sorry Rosie, can't come out to get some wood today, Muffie is in labour....
It's giving me butterflies in the tummy, I can't concentrate, and I just want to do something for her, but know I can't.... It's also bringing back so many memories as she is echoing the path I took with her....
I haven't elaborated too much on labor pain and everything about the whole birthing process, you don't need to hear too many stories before you have your first child... There will be others out there who have already shared that with her, but she is my baby, and I still feel the need to protect...

Image courtesy of

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tuesday Treasure

Just a quick Tuesday treasure..

This is Tilly... A beautiful fluffy bundle of aloofness.. She is my cat, so very faithful. If I am outside and she is around, she won't leave my side.. I saw her born, and I helped when she was having her kittens..

She has a particular way of sitting on the floor and just staring intently at you...None of the other cats ever do this, just Tilly..

She is purely an outside cat, and her territory is down at the cow shed.. She is a terrific little mouser, and a fantastic mate..

For more Tuesday treasures, see the lovely Melody at The House On the Side of the Hill....

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday was May 14th. Not a very important date, unless you are the mother of a daughter who has been told at an ultra sound that this is one of your due dates!! Muff did say when I last spoke to her that the following two scans negated this date. But a Nana can hope, can't she..

So, as I work best under pressure, I thought I had better get a move on and finish the burp cloths and bibs that I had cut out, and begin making the cloth nappies.

The material that I used on the burp cloths and bibs above I have had since Sparkle was a little boy! It pays to be a hoarder  stash builder! I knew it would come in handy one day...

Pictured above are the small and extra small size of the cloth nappies. They have velcro for easy opening and closing, and a pad which attaches inside. I bought the waterproof material at Spotlight, totally unsure as to if it was going to be suitable. I'm still not sure that it is waterproof enough. Will have to research that further I think before I make any more. We have purchased some commercial nappies  from a company called Pea pods. They are made from a fabric which is quite a bit thicker than the one I got from Spotlight. Now if only I had a baby to test these out!!

For any one interested in making these cloth nappies, this is the pattern I used. I bought in on the internet through eBay. It is called  'The Nappies' Lo15, put out by 'Favorite Little Things' pattern designs. It is very easy to follow, and I will be making some more if they are needed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happiness Is.

This is a happy post as a tribute to the beautiful little Lily who had to leave us last night... She was a tiny little  poppet who bought us so much joy, so this is for her....

Happiness is......

The smell of fresh washing drying in front of the fire.

The smell of freshly baking bread.

A visit from special people.

The smell of freshly mown grass.

The aroma which comes from making tomato sauce.

Driving in the car on a cold day, on a picnic.

A country sunset.

Discovering mushrooms after an autumn rain.

A hug from loved ones.

Home made biscuits.

Fresh sheets on the bed.

A fabric stash.

A cuddle from a special pet.

That first sight of the sea when you are going on holidays.

Home made pizza.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Tuesday Treasure.

Today is Tuesday, time to link up with Melody, from The House on the Side of the Hill.

This is my little treasure Lily, whom you met on May 1st. She became weak and got herself stuck in the grating which the shearing shed floor is made up of. Grating is lengths of wood which is approximately an inch in width and is laid down in long lengths down the shed floor with small gaps in between each board. This allows the sheep manure to pass through when the sheep are shedded.

Because the shed is over 100 years old, there is a lot of wear and tear in the boards of the grating, making bigger gaps in some places. Poor little Lily, who was very tiny for a start, couldn't get her little leg back up.

I have been nursing her inside for over a week, standing her up to exercise her legs, giving her a high energy milk formula and keeping her warm by the fire.

But I have had one major problem, I have been running out of old rugs and blankets to put on the floor. Because there is one law of nature - what goes in, must go out!! So I treated her like the baby she is and purchased some disposable nappies... They work fantastically!

So, today, Lily is my Tuesday Treasure... I don't think I am winning the battle, but I do know that I won't forget this beautiful little lamb who has made her mark on this family.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roses, Roses, Roses.

Can't resist linking with Bronwyn  over at Korumburra Quilting for her Floral Friday... Today Bronwyn is showcasing roses....

Who doesn't like roses? They are a gorgeous flower, and the rose plant is very tough, surviving all the drought years we have had..

I like roses as much as I like pink! They are featured everywhere in my house....

Cup, saucer and plate set which belonged to my mother-in-law.

Tiny tea cup and saucer which belonged to my grandmother.
Rose plate found in an op-shop whilst on holidays.
Birthday mugs given to me by my beautiful daughter.

Just a couple of the roses I have growing in my garden..

Friday, May 6, 2011


A frosty morning followed by an absolutely beautiful day. We spent the majority of it on one of our boundaries repairing an old fence. It was in a state of disrepair. Our neighbour is selling out and has cattle on agistment in his paddock. Unfortunately our grass looks much nicer than his so they are jumping and breaking the fence down. We have fixed their little red wagon, we put an electric fence on the other side!!

As I walked up and down I was thinking how lucky I was for several reasons, and that I had some thanks to give....

First, the lovely Susie from Flower and Linen blog spot who has kindly awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I have only just begun this blogging journey and can only say what a positive experience it has been. So, thank you Susie, what an unexpected surprise...

I am supposed to pass this award on but I am going to cheat. I know that a lot of girls don't like getting awards, so I am going to say thank you instead, especially to those who were so helpful when I first began.

 So Chookyblue and Val, take a bow..... I appreciate so much all your help.... You have made it so much easier for me....

Over at Down---To---Earth I participated in a dish-wash swap. I was very spoilt by the lovely Jan...Here are some pictures of all the treasures she sent...

Three knitted wash cloths, each with a  specific purpose, a beautiful hand painted picture, and pink bath crystals.

Handmade pressed flower cards and flower seeds.

All I can say is 'how lucky am I?'
Thank you Jan, so very much, for all of your hard work and your thoughtfulness.. I appreciate it very much..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Blue Flower Wednesday.

It's one flower Wednesday today, and mine are blue flowers.... Blue to match the bruises..... we have been marking lambs!!

I love making these hexie flowers, I have many more to match in all different colors... They are the start to Vignette Hexagon Quilt. So very relaxing of a night to sit there and hand sew flowers....

And tonight I will need some relaxing... This was our first mob of lambs to mark and they were so, so naughty!! From the moment I picked them up they kicked and kicked and struggled. Now this behaviour is totally unacceptable ..... I am an old lady now, heavens, in a few days I will be a Nana!! Don't these lambs realize this?

My flowers should actually be red or pink because the bruising hasn't come out yet!! But blue seems to be more dramatic, sympathy attracting!!

Lambs almost as big as Millie in this mob, waiting to be marked. For those who don't know, when lambs are marked, they are picked up out of the mob and put in a cradle (or held in your arms with their bottoms resting on the top rail of the sheep yard like we do). Their little tails have a rubber ring put on, and their little woolly 'balls' also have a rubber ring put on if they are a boy lamb. They get an inoculation of a vaccine which helps prevent a lot of nasty things - tetanus, cheesy gland, pulpy kidney, blackleg, malignant oedema and black disease..They get a brand put on their flank which is only a permanent paint, and a beautiful earring in their right ear..

In the photo above you can see the damage that fly-strike does. The ewe on the right has been shorn where the flies were and treated to kill the maggots. If left unchecked flies will kill quickly..

This is my second oldest pet lamb. She will always come up and stand by the fence when we are working in the yards. Such a beautiful girl.

This beautiful old lady is my oldest pet lamb. I was thrilled to find her still in the mob as I thought she had died a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Special Friends In Fur Coats.

Pets play such an important part in our lives. It is a well known fact that the presence of an animal lowers our blood pressure and stimulates the release of the 'happy hormone' serotonin. That's why Nursing Homes have pets for their residents - as they once would have in their own home.

Dig once had the most beautiful cat, a long haired black fluffy cat called Niggy. He was more dog than cat. Would ride in the ute with Dig, come on the tractor with us, and always knew when we had found a mouse. One day in the last mouse plague, he had a mouse in each paw and one in his mouth, and was trying to get another.. He was Dig's cat only. Born under the seat of the ute, I think he imprinted on Dig's voice. As a great hunter, he was always down at the farm tip after rabbits. One very sad day, Muff and I found him at the garden gate. He had been bitten by a snake and made it home to die. We were devastated, and couldn't tell Dig for days... We didn't ever think that there would ever be another Nig....

But along came Ralph.....

Still a kitten, not quite eight months old, he was born to one of our mother cats and befriended by the kids when they were living with us while their house was built.

He is soft and cuddly, and such a relaxed little poppet. He purrs non-stop and is always ready to give love.
He is so much like Nig, and the best thing is, he loves Dig...

When Dig has a meal Ralph sits on the chair beside him. When Dig has a shower Ralph sits on the hand basin. When Dig sits in the lounge room, Ralph lies on him or the table beside him!! He showers him with rough tongue licks on his bare arms..

He is just a bundle of love in a soft fur coat...

Melody at The House on the Side of the Hill has an inspiring story about her pet dog. Bring a box of tissues!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blossum Bear.

Sandy over at Cookies and Cream Craft is hosting Monday Show and Tell.. A little bit of fun to see what you have stashed away that you have forgotten, or something you are working on , or something which you are proud of...

Meet Blossom... I made her quite a few years ago. She is wearing a dress made out of an antique petticoat, with old lace for a trim. She wears with pride, my Christening broach. She was a lot of fun to make, and one day I will show you her sisters!!

She looks happier outside, must bring her out more often.....