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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Canadian Friends.

A fantastic postcard arrived in the mail last week, all the way from Nova Scotia.. It is absolutely stunning..
Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World  was it's incredible creator..The postcard depicts the hills of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia where Sheila lives..

It is so inspiring to see a new craft... I now can't wait to have a try myself, so have joined Sheila in a postcard swap. If you want to have a go at making a postcard, Sheila has written a tutorial on her website which is very easy to follow. It is also not too late to join in the swap..

It has been a busy week for the postman... this gorgeous little owl flew all the way from Canada too!! He is pictured here in the bottle-brush tree, resting after his long journey... He is so cute.. too cute to stay outside in the garden, he's coming to live inside with me on the kitchen bench..
Thank you so much to his wonderful creator... Sue of Chickadee's Country Cottage Crafts, he will be well loved...

We have just had a week of the most glorious sunshine, and today is just as nice. A prelude to the spring days ahead... But as our days are so lovely, I can't help but think of friends overseas and hope that the hurricane which is  circling at the moment abates and leaves them all safe..

Just a couple of farm photos now...

Chooky looking for a chance to get in the garden and have a scratch..
I really should go outside and make sure those chooks aren't getting in... but it's so nice here on the sofa....

Happy girls under the fig tree..

Wishing you all sunny days, with just a sprinkle of rain if you need it.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011


A reflective post this time...

These are photos of a quilt my beautiful mother has made... Her stitching is so perfect, unless you look very closely you may think it is machine done..

I like to think that I have inherited some of my values from my mother.... I know for certain that I have inherited her love of craft, her love of the garden, and making do...


Mothers are the place where love
And happiness rings out like bells
In honor or our birth.

Mothers are the sun that lights
For life our inner sky,
So we may know that we are loved
And need not question why.

Mothers are the moon that shines
Upon our black despair,
So even when we weep, we know
That someone's always there.

Whatever fear, or stress, or pain
Might them to anger move,
We know that underneath the storm
We have, always, their love.

~ Author Unknown ~

This week brings some sadness for my sister-in-law as she says goodbye to her mum. It has been a long journey with daughter becoming the carer, and taking over the 'mother' role in some at times, very trying circumstances..
She has been the most supportive daughter any mother could wish for...

I have to hold back from posting my thoughts on end of life care, as I am not sure that this is the right place to do this..  As a nurse, and a daughter my thoughts are quite strong, and maybe you are not ready to hear them... It is so important to discuss your own thoughts and wishes with your family though, so I have found a  web address which covers the topic well..

And a new mother has just been made!

Congratulations Amy and Tim, friends of my daughter's, on the birth of your beautiful baby boy...

The circle of life goes on......

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and Heart's As Well.

Through the wonderful world of blogging I have found some treasures in my mail box..

From the lovely Lisa at Eme Creations a beautifully handmade felt heart decoration and gorgeous gift card. Drop in and see what Lisa and the girls are doing on their blog.
The little heart is going to look wonderful on our Christmas tree this year...

And, from the lovely Carol at The 4 Bushel Farm, the Pioneer Woman love story, 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels'.
I can't wait to start reading this... Before I began blogging I used to 'lurk' around The Pioneer Woman's blog... I used to wait eagerly for each episode of her love story to appear. For any one who is not familiar with Ree Drummond, or the Pioneer Woman, Ree is a city girl who married a cowboy whom she calls the Marlboro Man... Ree wrote about this love ssporadically in her blog and it was so well received that she turned it into a book, and continued with the story..

So Carol and Lisa, thank you both so much for my lovely gifts.. They are both so very appreciated...

Not much crafting going on here at the moment... lots of cuddling......

Some more of these arriving....

Just a little time to make Miss Merry Bear and say goodbye to her today, as I sent her winging her way on a plane trip..... Hope she loves her new home, but I'm sure she will....