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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Catch up.

The year in between...

In March we had lots of this....
.....Then it dried up.
In April we had lots of these...
In May, our gorgeous Maxie celebrated his first birthday...
April, May, June and July we waited patiently for rain so that we could continue sowing our cereal crops....
August saw the birth of our beautiful granddaughter Ella....
and shearing commenced..
September we were visited by special friends... all the way from Queensland. Bringing with them some quilted tops which now await binding..
October just sped by leaving us shaking our heads and wondering when we missed it!
No wonder the months fly, it has taken me all morning to load these few photos... Back soon with some more...


  1. Rosie Maxie has grown so much,such a beautiful looking little man,yep this year has just flown by.xx

  2. Hello Rosie,

    Life is wonderful when you are busy. I wish it would rain here!!!
    Max is one cute young gentleman. Love that quilt too.

    happy days.

  3. Wow, you sure got a bit of water! Max is looking really cute and that quilt is gorgeous too. It's a bit frightening how quick the years race by!!

  4. What a busy year... hard to believe Max is already a year old.... I lost October too!

  5. A busy year for sure. Max is such a cutie. Hugs,

  6. I'm glad someone else loses half a day doing a blog post. One moment I was thinking yippee, started my blogpost before 9am & the next it was 11am. I've tried to make up for it in the last hour by doing floors - not fun. Never mind, some more sewing for swaps this afternoon. Sounds like any year with Maxie & Ella would be a wonderful one. Tracee xx

  7. the year is just flying by! Hope all the things you hope for eventuate.
    A lovely quilt

  8. It is scary how fast this year has flown by. Lovely to have special time with family

  9. Well Miss Rosie the time this year has just flown by...and look at little seems like he was just born 10 minutes ago...Great catch up post! Wishing you a lovely week xo

  10. It has been a busy year for you and time sure does fly by .Little Maxie is adorable as I am sure so is Ella .What a beautiful quilt :-)

  11. Oh Rosie, It takes forever here to load photos onto blogger as well!! Let's pray we don't get flooding again next year! One paddock close to us here (not ours) has only just dried up from back in March. Tell me..... do you spin?
    Hugs Sharm (country fragrance blog & the 7 pillars home blog)

  12. What a year it's been Rosie......fastest on record I think!!
    Cute little lambs and first birthday for a cute little boy.
    How wonderful to have your friends from QLd visit and bring those gorgeous quilt tops.
    I wonder what will take place between now and the end of the year?

    Claire x

  13. Oh, sweet lady - it sounds as if the years are speeding by as quickly on both sides of the earth! What a handsome little man Max is growing up to be and what a blessing that you are close to enjoy his adventures. And congratulations on your newest blessing - a sweet little girl to cuddle!I hope that you are finding some time to stitch bindings - such a pretty quilt! We are still waiting on the rain - have been waiting all year. Here'e hoping that the new year brings plenty of it for both of us!